You can support the Equinics in many ways.
You can help out at your residency by helping put together the team; you can cover a race for the BTB; you can donate directly to the equinics account; or you can support the equinics residency page with any unaffiliated stables.
All surplus credits will be used to provide the prize payouts and the equinics account will be zeroed out Feb 08 2014.

Updated: Feb 08, 2014 7:00 am

Credit Accountequinics
Total Donated67323 Credits
Cost Of Races20000 Credits
Prize Credits47323 Credits

Recent transfers involving credit account
btb1000 Credits67323 Credits2014-02-05 20:41:41
residencies1 Credits66323 Credits2014-02-03 01:21:10
residencies37 Credits66322 Credits2014-02-02 01:20:33
residencies24 Credits66285 Credits2014-01-26 01:21:25
tees1000 Credits66261 Credits2014-01-21 10:09:44
residencies8 Credits65261 Credits2014-01-20 01:20:47
residencies16 Credits65253 Credits2014-01-19 01:22:36
kingab2000 Credits65237 Credits2014-01-18 10:46:58
dixiedotco1000 Credits63237 Credits2014-01-17 02:37:09
residencies3 Credits62237 Credits2014-01-13 01:20:04
residencies15 Credits62234 Credits2014-01-12 01:21:10
nwrc1600 Credits62219 Credits2014-01-08 11:25:28
rezboss2000 Credits60619 Credits2014-01-06 19:55:55
coolk1000 Credits58619 Credits2014-01-06 12:36:19
residencies36 Credits57619 Credits2014-01-05 01:22:30
residencies44 Credits57583 Credits2013-12-29 01:17:40
residencies25 Credits57539 Credits2013-12-22 01:17:37
flagdown2000 Credits57514 Credits2013-12-20 10:14:30
residencies2 Credits55514 Credits2013-12-16 01:12:14
residencies23 Credits55512 Credits2013-12-15 01:15:52
blazingsad5000 Credits55489 Credits2013-12-09 07:56:18
residencies20 Credits50489 Credits2013-12-08 01:15:43
revelation2435 Credits50469 Credits2013-12-07 10:36:30
asr114500 Credits48034 Credits2013-12-06 23:08:27
residencies17 Credits43534 Credits2013-12-04 10:23:31
tbres85000 Credits43517 Credits2013-12-03 20:18:35
residencies3 Credits38517 Credits2013-12-01 01:14:30
residencies4 Credits38514 Credits2013-11-25 01:12:49
residencies20 Credits38510 Credits2013-11-24 01:11:18
midas6000 Credits38490 Credits2013-11-18 11:28:29
residencies1 Credits32490 Credits2013-11-18 01:11:06
residencies28 Credits32489 Credits2013-11-17 01:14:04
tyedye4000 Credits32461Credits2013-11-12 09:38:18
grracers5000 Credits28461 Credits2013-11-11 10:01:30
platero2500 Credits23461 Credits2013-11-11 07:25:17
cadet3000 Credits20961 Credits2013-11-09 11:33:15
timjbehr (roys)5000 Credits17961 Credits2013-11-09 11:33:15
esrholding3000 Credits12961 Credits2013-11-09 00:34:59
mano1000 Credits9961 Credits2013-11-06 10:15:57
pastures12500 Credits8961 Credits2013-11-06 10:14:01
kyoglewin1687 Credits6461 Credits2013-09-22 15:59:36
2012 carryover4774 Credits4774 Credits