Equinics torch shines brightly in the Sunshine state

The arrival of the Equinics torch to Queensland brought representatives and their staff from all forty three stables from all over the world with the head of the Queensland Trainers Association Sabalou having the honour of taking the first leg riding towards Eagle Farm racecourse on the ceremonial donkey. Queensland Training legends Jacklad, Hawkz and roys joined the torch relay with the only mishap on the venture to Eagle Farm being a slight singe to Hawks steed as he, pekays and kiwilad our resident kiwis attempted to perform the Haka while riding with the torch. The 9km trek ended but the day only begun as trainers and crowd alike enjoyed a day at the races with Bevron cleaning up back half the card, while ash77 took the dunce cap with 5 fourth placings and enjoying a considerably lighter wallet leaving the racecourse.

                                                 Above: Raceday at Eaglefarm

 The relay proceeded on its way after a successful Eagle Farm raceday to travel on towards the Caxton street which is well known for a good time particularly when Rugby league and more to the point State of origin footy hits town with pubs and the street swamped by Queenslanders from all over the state. The 8km trip took a little longer than expected as the crowd, staff and trainers alike had a few brews under their belt with many stable representative requiring stretcher donkeys after taking advantage of the free xxxx beer (Queenslands favourite beer) Top Queensland trainers Republican, marto, nextbonus, punter, Lindsay park and Gezza managed to remain cognizant and get the torch to its resting point for the night. Though while the torch found its resting place the night just begun as everyone and their dogs enjoyed the upcoming Equinics showing Queensland spirit while downing a few spirits.


Above: Queenslanders showing support for the

trainers about to tackle the equine world.

As a new day began and many a sore head was tended to, the biggest surprise and best hangover cure was applied with the surprise appearance of Dowelly and icon of Queensland racing arrived on champion hall of fame 17yo mare Amanda Jane who began the ride to the last stop on the Equinics torch relay, Doomben race track. Sore heads were completely ignored as the champion mare and trainer took centre stage with Deuce having the privilege of taking the torch from the dynamic duo. Acarigua, Alishan, Brit, Michaelb and crwaf taking turns riding with the torch in front of cheering Queenslanders.

Above: Hitting the line at Doomben

As the procession ventured into Doomben for race day at headquarters the races were more of a side note with Sabalou introducing all the stables to the crowd and giving a stirring speech firing up the fans to fever pitch giving no doubt about their passion for the equinics of 2014. All Queensland trainers while excited about taking on the best residencies of the sim know how tough a task the meeting will be but are ready to take on the world for the pride of Queensland.

Queensland Diary Entry prepared by SNAPELODGE