Equinics 2014


Waiting for the torch. Getting ready to light the flame so we can get this show on the road.
It has been a long two years, that's for sure.
While we are waiting, maybe we should take a little trip down memory lane?
Ok with me. But how do we get there?
Oh, too easy - we got a ride over there.

Is this it?

Nope. That belongs to the gang from ESR.

Is this it?

Nope that looks like it belongs to EWC.

Ah, here we go. Hop in. (Hope you know the words.)

So how are we going to find this place?
That's easy - we just follow the signs.

OK, here we go, follow that sign.

Here we go - getting closer.

And closer.

At last. Memory Lane.

Sometimes you gotta go a long way before the journey even begins.

So here we are at the Equinics Archives, located right at the very end of Memory Lane. If you click the little buttons it will take you right to the place where all the action was.
But we can just reminisce a bit as we await the arrival of the torch. We need the torch (wherever it is) before we can get this show on the road.

The first Equinics appeared not too long after the SIM itself came into creation.
There was a 'frontier' atmosphere to the SIM, and the first Equinics included a few heavy duty complaints; an assessment of why it would never work; a few catty comments on how somebody else could do it better; and a death threat. On the other hand, some people really liked the concept and threw their full support behind us.
Ah the good old days.

We had not yet received our 'cease and desist' email from the real-life Olympics, so we probably crossed the old trademark line once or twice in putting together the very first Equinics. Oh well.

Although considered ambitious at the time, in hindsight the Equinics was a relatively small event, with 12 Tracks participating and 15 races on the card.

Of interest, all password protected races were hand-carded at that time, and Mike emailed us a very long page full of HTML code, and a list of horse specific passwords. We then had to match the horse with the password, and enter it against the appropriate horse in the HTML page; email it back to Mike and hope for the best.

We were as happy as anybody when this process became automated in later years.

The theme of the 2000 Equinics was RACE WITH THE OLYMPIAN GODS and the races were named by Track Managers and Sponsors.

(Remember to click on the little Equinics Banner at the top of each section if you wish to visit the various Equinics' sites.)

The participating tracks:
New York
North Carolina
Turfstar (Longchamp)
Vikings (Sweden)

The 2002 Winter Equinics were the first following 9/11, and a small tribute was paid at the top of the entry page.

The Equinics picked up some steam and a SIM wide Handicapping Contest was offered in an effort to support 'inclusion' of all SIM members.
Although the effort was laudable there were a number of complaints with the conduct of the contest. This, coupled with the increased workload, led to outside Equinics' events being a one time effort.

The 2002 theme was RUN WITH THE LEGENDS and the races were named by Track Managers, Sponsors, and Contributors after legendary race horses. Just reading the race names can send a chill up and down your spine.

In keeping with the efforts of inclusion, Socalslew was asked to put together a team of non-resident horses. That went well, and was the last Equinics that non-resident stables were invited to attend.

Team Independent Unity dominated the medal standings, so of course they had to go. The participating Tracks (the concept shifted from Tracks to residencies as most of the newer entities were embracing multiple tracks, regions, and beyond) were:

Vermont (Pastures Team)
Minnesota (Supertoy7)
East West Connection (Lordpye)
Ireland (Techranger)
Viking Racing (Ronnie)
Missouri (Wtracing)
Germany (Tjay)
Queensland (Lou)
South East Racing Assoc (Slothman)
Nebraska (Ace)
DelPenn (Revelation)
Nexis (Formtrack)
Northwest Racing Circuit (Mike)
Team Independent Unity (Socalslew Productions)
New South Wales (Shagger)
A.S.R. (Arakaan)
The Terrapin Jockey Club (Theorchard)

The Summer Equinics of 2004 had the theme of WITH WINGS ON THEIR HEELS and races were named using historic Olympic sites.

17 Residencies participated with the full complement of 32 Grade I races.

The race conditions for all future Equinics were established by a Committee of representatives of each Residency, with adjustments made for the Summer Equinics (4 two year old races) and the Winter Equinics (no 2 year old races).

Global Sim Racing (GSR) took home top place with a very strong team.


Vermont (Pastures Team)
Global Sim Racing (Barndog)
International Sim Racing Club (Shagger Dkyoung)
Queensland Racecourse (Sabalou)
Ireland (Thomkal)
Benelux (Zeco)
GR Simsters Residency (Geoff)
Nexis (Roys)
DelPenn National (Revelation)
Chatroom Racers (Rharfo)
East-West Connection (Lordpye)
Terrapin Jockey Club (Concern)
Northwest Racing Circuit (Bullfrogmb)
Fun and Friends Stable Club (Zapspride)
Kentucky Horsemen (Bulletwork)
Residency of the Great Plains (Bigbaba)
Minnesota (Johnno)

We paid homage to the shorter member of the racing team as we themed the 2006 Winter Equinics RIDING WITH THE LEGENDS and named the races after Jockeys from different eras and from around the world.

We had always had a Sponsor page, and always appreciated any donation, big or small; but, following some gross misrepresentations from the last Equinics we decided to list the amount that people donated, simply in the spirit of transparency.

More and more players were buying into the concept of the Equinics and participation was climbing ever higher. The support given by people was incredible (and has remained at a very high level); from doing diaries, donating, writing BTB articles, and helping their individual residencies build a competitive team.

GR Simsters avenged their 2004 showing and staked their claim to being an elite residency as they took home the overall prize.

Participating Residencies were:

Vermont (Pastures Team)
Queensland Racecourse (Sabalou)
GR Simsters Silver Charm (Given)
Minnesota (Theo)
Fun and Friends Stable Club (Zapsride)
GSR (Barndog)
Great Plains (Bigbaba)
The CR Racers (Trotter)
DelPenn (Revelation)
EAAA Racing (Kevoman)
Ireland (Tullbrink)
Alpine Turf Club (Deltatiger)
The Kentucky Horsemen (Bulletwork)
Down Under Racing (Theatrical)
Ohio Thoroughbred Racing (MrLucky)
NorthWest Racing Circuit (Bullfrogmb)
Viking Racing (Stefan)
Benelux (Yochem)
Epsom Downs Residency (Liddleski)
Nexis Zambaygo)

With the theme of RACE FOR THE CURE the 2008 Equinics seemed to strike a chord with people as evidenced by many of the personal emails received with explanations of why a certain charity should be represented.

DelPenn asserted itself as the top residency by nosing out GR Simsters for the overall gold.

In addition to the normal Medals, Trophies, and Prize Credits for the winners, DelPenn had a charitable contribution made to Feed The Children in its name.

Participating Residencies:

Vermont (Pastures Team)
Minnesota (Dundey)
The CR Racers (Trotter)
Benelux (Thierry)
Rash (Taffy)
GR Simsters (Given)
DelPenn (Revelation)
Ireland (Nickesyd)
Queensland (SabaLou)
Ohio (MrLucky)
EWC (LordPye)
Hispano Parlante (SimHispano)
Kentucky Horsemen (Kevin)
Great Plains (Fabman)
EAAA Racing (Kevin)
Alpine Turf Club (DeltaTiger)
Northwest Racing Circuit (Squirrel)
Fortune 500 (Fortune 500)
Blazing Saddles (Mark)

WE ARE THE SIM was the theme of the 2010 Equinics and race banners were made based on player submissions. The banners consisted of flags, or something emblematic, of the State, Province, Region, or Country of the contributing player.

GR Simsters regained their rightful place (just ask them) at the top of the heap and took home the first place honours. A number of newer residencies made a splash, and would be heard from in the future.

Participating Residencies:

Vermont (Pastures Team)
URC (Metallinut)
Del Penn (Rev)
GR Simsters (Given)
Queensland (Sabalou)
Sim Hispano (Sim Hispano)
Hong Kong Racing Club (Lebowski00)
Comedy Central (Squirrel)
MIDAS (SuperTaffy)
NWRC (Sledge4)
Blazing Saddles (Mark)
EAAA (Kevoman)
OHIO (Mrlucky229)
IRELAND (Daniel)
East-West Connection (Lordpye)
STATE (Beisbol)
Great Plains Residency (Fabman)
Alpine Turf Club (Dragnil)

The 2012 Equinics followed up on the global theme and had the motto of MAY THE ODDS BE WITH YOU with Racetracks from around the world being bannered.

Blazing Saddles won the big gold with Empire State Racing making a splash to come in second. The level of competition for this Equinics was as tough as any, and set up a mean competition for 2014.

Participating Residencies:

Vermont (Pastures Team)
East-West Connection (EWC) (Pye)
Empire State Racing (ESR) (Trotter1)
Comedy Central (Squirrel)
GR Simsters (Given)
Minnesota Downs (Dundey)
City-Race Rhein-Main Turf Club (Joe and Platero)
Hispano Parlante (Simhispano and Haack)
NWRC (Will)
YOSS (Robert)
Universal Racing Club (Metallinut)
DelPenn (Revelation)
MIDAS (Supertaffy)
Kentucky Horsemen (Natrap)
Saltire (Dave)

And that brings us to today, where we pay tribute to people and horses around the SIM.

It has been quite a journey, and there is more to come.

There was some trepidation surrounding the 'new' SIM, and whether we could make this work or not. But it did, and to this point things have gone more smoothly then ever. Thanks Mike, for making the Equinics work.

And that brings to a rather abrubt end our trip down Memory Lane as I can see the torches winding their way to the track.

Looks like the DelPenn guys are leading the way.

And here comes the rest of the gang; right on time.

Breaking with tradition we light the Equinics Flame and skip right to the Opening Ceremony.

If you have read past Opening Ceremonies you would be aware that there is usually a sense of decorum surrounding the proceedings.

This year it looks like the floodgates are open wide and everybody is just a charging in.

I leave it up to you to match the 17 residencies to their team of runners: