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Updated: July 24, 2012

Credits Required80000
Credits Donated84509
PrizeCredits Donated from Mike15000

Recent transfers involving credit account
2010 carryover
1010 Credits
From manowarTo equinics1500 Credits3/7/2012 12:02:43 PM
From PasturesOfGreenTo equinics2500 Credits3/7/2012 1:29:19 PM
From esrholdingTo equinics2500 Credits3/7/2012 7:11:33 PM
From plateroTo equinics2500 Credits3/8/2012 3:55:06 PM
From yochemTo equinics5000 Credits3/10/2012 2:12:51 AM
From testbarn5To equinics1000 Credits3/11/2012 12:00:24 AM
From metallinutTo equinics2500 Credits3/13/2012 6:46:02 PM
From supertaffyTo equinics2500 Credits4/10/2012 10:37:07 AM
From grracersTo equinics5000 Credits4/10/2012 7:18:19 PM
From revelationTo equinics3000 Credits4/11/2012 5:53:30 PM
From blazingsadTo equinics3000 Credits4/13/2012 10:35:47 PM
From simhispanoTo equinics2500 Credits4/29/2012 9:49:38 PM
From kronusTo equinics3000 Credits4/29/2012 9:50:56 PM
From blacksoxukTo equinics1000 Credits5/2/2012 1:30:03 PM
From sabalouTo equinics1000 Credits5/3/2012 2:13:58 AM
From manoTo equinics1000 Credits5/13/2012 6:13:21 PM
From tyedyeTo equinics3000 Credits5/13/2012 9:29:18 PM
From mnaccountTo equinics1000 Credits5/20/2012 4:19:42 PM
From rezbossTo equinics2500 Credits5/22/2012 11:18:41 PM
From roysTo equinics5000 Credits5/23/2012 11:14:34 AM
From marmacTo equinics2000 Credits6/3/2012 3:19:54 PM
From itchTo equinics500 Credits6/3/2012 11:52:48 PM
From skunkbarnTo equinics1000 Credits6/6/2012 3:27:50 PM
From rhyssmithTo equinics2000 Credits6/7/2012 6:18:36 PM
From esrholdingTo equinics2500 Credits6/16/2012 10:52:24 AM
From rheinmainTo equinics2500 Credits6/25/2012 5:24:39 PM
From kyogleTo equinics2500 Credits7/7/2012 10:08:45 PM
From kingabTo equinics2500 Credits7/7/2012 10:18:55 PM
From lenny271To equinics5000 Credits7/8/2012 1:20:18 AM
From bobiloTo equinics1000 Credits7/8/2012 8:03:19 AM
From cadetTo equinics500 Credits7/8/2012 9:36:40 AM
From flagdownTo equinics3000 Credits7/8/2012 9:55:30 AM
From manoTo equinics2990 Credits7/8/2012 10:46:27 AM
From kronusTo equinics1509 Credits7/8/2012 12:02:38 PM
From kronusTo equinics1509 Credits7/8/2012 5:06:53 PM
From testbarn5To equinics1000 Credits7/8/2012 10:51:11 PM
From nwrcTo equinics1000 Credits7/9/2012 11:25:12 AM
From roxykenTo equinics1000 Credits7/10/2012 8:22:44 PM