2012 Equincs Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Summer Equinics has finally arrived!!

Written by: Smokeglack

The celebration of nations and horses begin with the march of residents around the globe.


The star studded fireworks display is underway.

All participants make their way to the center of Olympic Stadium in East London.

The Residency managers proudly carry their flags for their unified teams:

The teams participating in this year’s event in host nation London and USA’s Vermont are:

The flags are proudly flowing and the atmosphere has now grown intense.

Mike takes his seat in the President’s box overlooking Olympic Stadium.
He nods his head in approval of the glorious celebration unfolding.

We pause to remember some of the past Equinics participants that are no longer with us.

The host city of London has prepared the course for some of the world’s best Equine talent.

Ascot Turf Course in all its glory:

Vermont’s Racecourse is also gleaming with the re-opening of Green Mountain Racetrack:

What a great day for the community known as Derby Fever.

All teams and participants are now led to the table of truth in the signing of the Oath.

Track Managers: Please Sign the Equinic Oath

The games are at hand and the festivities will now turn to serious action.

May all the participants enjoy the greatest day in Simland.

The torch will now be lit and the games will be underway.

Let the Equinics 2012 Games Begin!