Pastures of Green-Equinics 2004


It has finally arrived: February 12, 2010!

On a cold and moonlit evening, The Turf delegation arrives at BC Place

Simultaneously, The Dirt Delegation arrives at The Vermont Barn

Everybody is hoping for snow, for this is The Winter Equinics, after all.

The parade of Equinic Residencies begins, led by the Host Countries, Canada and the United States.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police parade behind the bearer of the Canadian flag, carrying the Regimental Guidon.

Beside the RCMP, the Long Beach Mounted Police wave the American flag.

The great gates to the south swing open and the Residencies march through.

Upon the softly lit stage, on either side of the podium, the Black Type Bugler staff sit on small marble thrones.

Roys welcomes them and calls their names, one by one: Blacksoxuk, Pazjazz, Revelation, Goody, Moltjb, Shagfarms, Monte, Nextbonus, Flrancho, Hawkz, Bigtex, Timmn, Sledge4, Jijiji, Redhill, Alishan, Lindsypark, Supertaffy, Npark28002, Smokeglack, Kloie, Roxyken, Marto, Mtk76, Cvbear,Topicount, Squirrel, Kiddman, and Qldbjw.

They take turns at the podium, spinning wondrous stories of the Equinic Contenders in each Race. The crowd cheers as each residency parades by them.
Residency Flags
GR Simsters
Sim Hispano
Hong Kong Racing Club
Comedy Central
Blazing Saddles
East-West Connection
Residency of the Great Plains
Alpine Turf

The BTB writers leave the stage and Mike leads a new group to the thrones and seats them. He tells the crowd that without our many Equinics supporters, the Equinics could not happen.

Each of the following representatives arrive at the podium for a handshake as the applause swells: Santi, GR Racers, Roys, Pastures, Mano, Mrlucky229, Kingab,AFC, Denovo, Manowar, Yochem,Olewhisper, RASH, NWRC, Rezboss, GP holding, Revelation, Sabalou, MN account, TyeDye, Flagdown,HKrc2,URC, Blazingsad, Beisbol, Stlcards,and Alpinetc.

And now, the time for words has finally reached an end. The torchs wind their way to the great cauldrons in BC and Vermont.

The Representatives from each Residency step forward and take the
Equinics Oath
Hannah Teter, Belmont Vermont's very own 2006 gold snowboard winner, lights the cauldron in Vermont (Lilbit farm will be serving us all pancakes tomorrow, smothered in Hannah's Gold sryup to continue to raise money for families in Kenya). And some of you might recognize her in this year's Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

Scott Niedermayer, Captain of the Canadian Hockey Team, lights the cauldron in Vancouver.

Let the Games begin !