Race named by OLWHISPER

In all my time in the SIM, I have never crossed paths with Olwhisper. I have the feeling that that is my loss, more then his. As soon as the Equinics opened he made a significant contribution that enabled us to buy 4 races. I know that he is active in at least one residency, and that he has a number of good horses, but there is little more that I can say. If anyone knows him, and is comfortable saying a few words to add here, I would appreciate it.

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Residency Entry Password
Vermont CABER TOSS(KY) 4225.6902(664506)
URC MACHO NATIVE(ENG) 4225.6902(316371)
Del Penn ETERNITY IN HELL(KY) 4225.6902(305720)
GR Simsters NORTH OF HELL(ENG) 4225.6902(421159)
Queensland IMPOSING JESTER(AUS) 4225.6902(595869)
Sim Hispano HAACK'S TURFER(KY) 4225.6902(668930)
Hong Kong Racing Club WHIPPED(NZ) 4225.6902(628277)
Comedy Central FINAL CHAPTER(KY) 4225.6902(877544)
MIDAS RAVENHILL(IRE) 4225.6902(86533)
NWRC ZORAIDA(KY) 4225.6902(298934)
Blazing Saddles BOISCOOL(KY) 4225.6902(987731)
EAAA MINESH(KY) 4225.6902(530018)
OHIO LUCKY'S KIMBERLY M(KY) 4225.6902(736537)
East-West Connection RED BUTTERCREAM(IRE) 4225.6902(96774)
BENELUX TRICKY CROSS(IRE) 4225.6902(804014)
Great Plains Residency ATLANTICA(IRE) 4225.6902(529716)
Alpine Turf Club MOUNTAIN SNOW(IRE) 4225.6902(419960)
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