CALMRIVER conducts the NFL SURVIVOR Contest.
It is conducted on the Pastures' Posting Board.



heres the rules:
1. open to all pastures residence, only one stable per residence.
2. every week pick one nfl team to win, if they win you survive, if they lose you are eliminated.
3. you can not pick the same team twice.
4. last three teams will recieve prizes, last team will recieve the grand prize(prizes still to be determined)
5 I, CALMRIVER will be the judge my decisions are final, i will particapate but will not be able to win or recieve prizes.
6.ties will be determined as needed, if at any time(like last year) all remaining stables are eliminated everyone will have a chance to get back in.
7.all picks must be in the day before the game by 12 midnight

As for prizes I was thinking .........
for first 1200 credits
second 1000 credits
third 800 credits
and as a thank you for all for playing im going to randomly draw a name out of the hat from every one who played and that player will recieve
151886 SUNDAY MOJO(eng) a 3yo mare
dubai destination X louis quatorze X reviewer

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