ISTHATGOOD conducts this contest.
It is conducted on the Pastures' Posting Board.

2008 Christmas Horse Contest Rules
1. You will need to enter your Secret Santa horse and fork over 100 credits by noon Saturday, December 22. The first race date in the contest will be December 29.
2. The trainer and breeder of the horse that earns the most points by the end of race June 28, will split the credits. If the breeder does not enter the contest, half of the credits will be awarded to the one who did enter with the other half being held over until next year.
3. The only races that will count are Saturday races… no RODOTS.
4. There is no limit as to the number of races in which you enter your horse, just a time limit…. December 29 – June 28.
5. Points will be awarded as follows:
Stakes – 10 win, 6 place 3 show
All allowances including MSW – 7/4/2
All claimers or starter allowances – 4/2/1
Tie breaker would be based on money won.
6. If you are planning on entering your Christmas Horse, please sign up in this thread. I will need to know the name of the horse and the stable. You can supply the name of your horse after you receive it.
7. Transfer your 100 credits to Tigertrack.
Thanks, good luck, and Merry Christmas!!

You can see the 2007 Christmas horses at this link.

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